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You have made known to me the path of life; and you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11

Monday, November 1, 2010

Grateful for:

1.   Grandaughter Kaitlyn, it is her 11th birthday today!
2.   Missed posting today because of wonderful grandson with us.
      So grateful for him!
3.   Going to hear a doctor talk about PD. Grateful that
      improvements are coming  in research.
4.   Beautiful weather, fall is here!
5.   Yeah, it is Friday. Cool down this weekend.
6.   Grandsons are wonderful. Thank you, God
7.   Church is the place to be... thank you for a good church.
8.   Deep Brain Stimulator is on the way for Steve.
9.   My sweet family in Japan will be back in the states maybe
      as early as February!
10. Our good friend and her daughter moved back to TN. Yeah.
11. Thank you to all the veterans and active duty military- may God bless you!
12. Friends that are willing to pray for you and stand by your side. Thank you.
13. Hanging out with family and friends on a beautiful day.
14. Worship and teaching time at church.
15. Surgery went well today for Steve.
16. Wonderful, thankful month, beautiful rainy day, nice day to be lazy.
17. Got work done today, rested in evening. Nice
18. Cleaning, cooking, washing clothes- thankful I am able.
19. Grateful for sunny fall day and the ability to take walks with our dog.
20. What a nice, being outside kind of day. Thank you Lord for quiet.
21.  having my son & grandsons for a lovely Sunday afternoon visit.
22.  that I am not sad & lonely like the Mamas & Papas song, "Monday Monday".
23.  Steve got through surgery and is doing pretty good.
24.  Is it almost Thanksgiving already, wow, time flies when you are busy.
       Thanks God for watching over us.
25.  getting to spend a good day with family and friends, thanking God for life.
26.  not shopping on Black Friday, staying home and enjoying a quiet day!
27.  good friends that care about you and help you when you need help.
28.  funny movies, tv shows, and goofy people.
29.  the ability to walk, shop, cook, eat, work and think.
30.  Wow, this month went fast.  Staying busy with Steve's surgeries. Thankful for the chance that it will help him.

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